1. helper, aid or aide, attendant, acolyte, deputy, auxiliary, second, man Friday, gal Friday, henchman, right hand, right-hand man, Sl. gopher; partner, ally, comrade, colleague, associate, consociate, yokefellow or yokemate, companion, helpmate, helpmeet, Obs. helpfellow, co-worker, co-aid, consort, confrere, sidekick, friend, Chiefly Brit. mate; cooperator, collaborator, contributor, participator, participant; confederate, conniver, conspirer, conspirator, abettor, accomplice, accessory, Chiefly Law. accessary, partner in crime, Sl. moll or gun moll; supporter, advocate, patron, patronizer, backer, endorser, upholder, sanctioner, approver; follower, disciple, adherent, partisan; satellite, sycophant, parasite, hanger-on, toady, yes-man.
2. subordinate, subsidiary, subaltern, clerk, underworked servant, domestic, domestic servant, factotum, maid, maidservant, handmaiden or handmaid, Archaic. ancilla, butler, valet, (in the British army) batman; underling, inferior, menial, Sl. stooge; All Chiefly Mil. adjutant, coadjutant, coadjutor, coad-jutress or coadjutrix, adjunct, adjuvant, adjutator, Obs. adjutor; All Mil. aide-de-camp or Chiefly U.S. aid-de-camp, ADC, attache, adjutant general, staff or subordinate officer, camp assistant.
3. helpful, helping, aidful, aiding, assisting, obliging, accommodative, accommodating, cooperative, available, at-hand, handy; auxiliary, ancillary, adjuvant, subsidiary, accessory, attendant, subservient, adjunct, Obs. adjutory, Obs., Rare. ad-jutorious.

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